Stem cells can treat a wide variety of conditions, diseases, injuries, etc. Truly, there’s no limit to their ability to heal and regenerate the human body. Even though they treat a wide range of issues, what they can do is still surprising many people. It’s only logical for people to believe that only certain things can be treated by modern medicine and that a limit exists to even newer medicine models. However, stem cells will continue to surprise many as more research continues. Here are 5 things you wouldn’t think could be treated by stem cells.

Erectile Dysfunction

There’s not really a cure that exists for erectile dysfunction. There are pills, that with continued use will help a man perform when he needs to. There’s even injections or penile implants which also provide pseudo erections. However, with stem cell therapy, early clinical trials have shown that erectile dysfunction can be completely cured in any man. This means he will return to having spontaneous erections without a contraption or medication.

Replacing Body Parts

Wake Forest University had some scientists create a 3D printer that can print stem cells onto biodegradable scaffolds. In short, this means they can use stem cells to actually 3D print body parts. They have been successful with an ear, jawbones, and muscle tissue in general. Just imagine losing an ear and being able to have a real live ear grown from your own stem cells to replace it.

Heart Damage

The heart is one of the only parts of the body that can’t regenerate itself and doesn’t do well at healing after the damage is done. However, there is now a specialized heart patch that uses stem cells in a special way. The patch is placed on the portion of the heart needing repair and the patch of stem cells encourages the correct types of cells to grow and regenerate.

Parkinson’s Disease

Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease lack a specific type of cell that’s vital for prime brain function. Studies have shown that stem cells have successfully coaxed the brain into creating these cells for those who suffer from Parkinson’s although it’s still in the early stages of testing and human trials.

Spinal Cord Injury

Being paralyzed is not something that’s easy to live with. It’s a daily struggle and there’s truly not many answers to making it any better. However, stem cells have come a long way in helping feeling return to paralyzed areas in patients who suffer from spinal cord injuries. Human trials have been occurring for a couple of years and research has come leaps and bounds in treating these types of injuries and bringing hope to those who suffer with it.

There is a very long list of issues that stem cells can treat or even cure. Many of which will excite or even surprise those reading about it. They’re truly a miracle and medicine has only begun to scratch the surface on their healing abilities.