It is common knowledge that having unhealthy habits can affect a great many aspects of our bodies and even our future health. An unhealthy lifestyle can have long term affects on the body in general in more ways than just the obvious. One of the health aspects that can be affected are your stem cells. When your lifestyle choices are unhealthy, this produces less healthy stem cells in the process.

Many of us have gone through some rough stages in our life, usually at younger ages, where we made some pretty unhealthy choices. Even if we aren’t making wild choices, we may still not be getting a lot of exercise, eating poorly, etc. Even in these cases, we could be doing our stem cells a disservice. You don’t need stem cell treatments for your stem cells to be fixing and working in your body since this is what they do naturally. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, these naturally occurring stem cells can multiply and do their job by repairing tissue, etc. If unhealthy lifestyles are being followed, this means stem cells will not be working at their best. The body needs things like normal amounts of water, vitamins, minerals, etc. in order to function at its best. If these things aren’t supplied to the body on a regular basis, the body can start to function in a less than desired manner.

Following a healthy lifestyle is important in more ways than one. Unhealthy choices can affect us all the way down to our cells. A study was done on rats, one group with a controlled diet and another group that was fed a more random diet. Stem cells retrieved from the rats with a controlled diet were strong and healthy, even those retrieved from aged rats. The stem cells retrieved from those with a random diet showed a reduced amount of stem cells of an unhealthy nature. This means that even the amount of stem cells that were produced were affected by the unhealthy nature of the diet given to the rats. This same affect is seen in humans which means, similar consequences will occur in humans as they did in the rats.

It’s safe to say that a healthy lifestyle, all the way around, is a good way to go. Even at a young age, our bodies will function much better when a healthier lifestyle is observed. For those who are aging, or already aged, leading a healthy lifestyle has proven to make aging easier, more graceful, and reverse some of the affects that aging can cause. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help us all the way down to the smallest aspects of our body. Therefore, with stem cells in mind, it’s important to observe healthier choices, just as we would to make any other aspects of our health at its best.