Human Stem Cells vs. Plant Stem Cells

It’s pretty commonly understood that plants and humans differ in major ways. This means humans and plants don’t and won’t function in the same manner and they shouldn’t be expected to, in most circumstances. Therefore, it can be expected that human stem cells will function in a different way than plant stem cells. However, both are used and have proven useful in both the medical and skincare fields of science. It’s important to know the difference and perks of each in order to choose which you feel is the best choice for you. As always, talk with a professional before making up your mind as they will be able to give you more of the finer details that pertain to your specific circumstances.

Human Stem Cells

There are a quite a few different types of stem cells throughout the human body. One of the most common are embryonic stem cells (those also come with the most controversy) and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are found in the early stages of an embryo that are the most “universal” stem cells in that they can be used to selective regenerate or aid in the healing of just about any area of the body. This means they are able to help with any type of tissue throughout the body where is, most of the other types of stem cells can only assist with specific types of tissue and are not universal. These types of cells decrease as we get older which is why they’re coveted from an earlier stage in life.

Adult stem cells are harvested from random areas throughout the body but, perhaps the most popular is the bone marrow. This can be harvested from the patient seeking treatment. Once these stem cells are harvested, they’re “spun” in a lab to pull concentrated doses of them away from blood and then injected back into the patient in the area needing treatment.

Plant Stem Cells

It’s important to note that plant stem cells are more commonly used in skin care or skin treatment. Using human stem cells in this area, according to Stemology, is not needed or even necessary. Plant stem cells are like human stem cells in that they work to regenerate plant cells and self-renew. However, the biggest fact is that plant stem cells will do not have the same effect in humans as they do in other plants and vice versa. This means that plant stem cells can’t be used to regrow tissue, per say, like human stem cells can regrow human tissue. Plant stem cells, when used in skincare or other human factors, connect with other functions in the human body to become beneficial. Stemology states that, “Plant stem cell derivatives can uniquely assist in increasing production of human skin cells and collagen, but by the means of delivering some useful nutrients to the skin.”

Overall, put plainly, human stem cells work well in regrowing human tissues however, plant cells are not good at regrowing human tissues. Further, plant cells are great at skincare and enhancing skin treatments but, human stem cells are not as good or even necessary in this area of health and wellness.

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