Men have hormones too. They help you manage stress, stay in shape, and have better sex. Are you feeling like your hormones are slacking? As men age, they lose 1% of their testosterone every year. Energy drops, libido drops, and fat increases. At NRCOA we understand the struggle many men and women face when it comes to hormones. We offer hormone replacement therapy and treatment in our Scottsdale office. Our process is directed at identifying each hormone through testing and measure levels in order apply the correct treatment for each individual patient.

Our hormone treatments have seen great results for many men. Don’t battle your body on your own, visit us today. Hormone treatments are more common for men than you may think. Give us a call for consultation and take a step towards a thinner, smarter, healthier life with an enhanced sex drive.

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Low sex drive? Testosterone plays a vital role in a man’s libido. A decline in your sex drive as you age in common for many men, but it can be reversed.

Difficulty with erections? Erectile Dysfunction affects for more than 20 million American men. This isn’t exclusive to low T, there could be many variables. We can help.

Low semen volume. Men who are experiencing low testosterone will often notice a decreased volume in semen during ejaculation.

Hair loss? Testosterone plays a big part in several body functions, including hair growth. Loosing your hair or balding is a natural part of aging for some men. However, men with low T may experience more loss of hair on the body, including facial.

Are you tired? Noticeable fatigue is very common for a lot of men who have issues with Low Testerone or imbalanced hormones.

Have you noticed a loss of muscle mass? Testosterone plays a role in building muscle, men with low T may notice a decrease in muscle mass.

Have you noticed an increase of body fat? An imbalance between testosterone and other hormones can cause many men to experience increases in body fat.

Mood changes? Men with low T can experience swings or frequent changes in their mood. Testosterone influences a big part of the physical and mental capacity.

HOW can we help?

Hormone imbalances and low testosterone issues are more common than many men are willing to allow themselves to think. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by, it’s natural for men as they continue to age. The good news is that there is help. Dr. Kaye at NRCOA provides various treatments for men who are experiencing hormone challenges and the results have been a huge success for many men throughout Scottsdale and Arizona.

Give us a call today or request a consultation online. Our initial consultation will cover a series of questions and testing to help us in identifying the hormones that are affecting your body. We provide comprehensive treatment for with low T and hormone issues. The hormone therapy and treatment offered at NRCOA is really a medical breakthrough that offers hope to men who suffer from low energy levels, limp libidos, and fat gain. With men losing about 1 percent of their testosterone each year time becomes of the essence and without medical intervention you may never regain the health and vitality of your youth.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Making the decision to start hormone therapy or testosterone replacement can dramatically change your life. With a wide range of benefits, hormone therapy will help you regain your life, feel younger, be happier and feel healthier.

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