Penile implants are devices placed inside the penis to aid men with their erectile dysfunction issues and regain the natural functions needed. The two main types of implants, semi rigid and inflatable, work differently and can benefit different aspects pertaining to the patient in need of them. Everyone is different and therefore every procedure is specially selected for you specifically.

For men struggling with erectile dysfunction, it can be difficult for many reasons, ranging from sexual dysfunction to urinary dysfunction. If you’ve tried all other medical methods to correct this issue with nothing to show for it, it’s most likely the reason that you’re browsing for another alternative. Looking for some sort of help or direction to get through this difficult situation isn’t easy, but fortunately you’ve come to the right place. At NRCOA, we specialize in such procedures like penile enhancement to aid with all the possible disadvantages of penile dysfunction.

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Erectile dysfunction can be challenging to deal with both physically and mentally, so why continue to go through it? You deserve better and NRCOA has the professionals that are here to help. Studies show that 78% of men and their partners report satisfaction after receiving a penile implant. With low risks and great results, it’s something worth looking into. Contact us now to get started with your consultation and see how we can help you.


We will go over your personal symptoms of erectile dysfunction and how it’s affecting you and your life. We’ll review your medical history and do a physical exam to make sure if a penile implant is right for you. All aspects of the procedure are reviewed with you to make sure you are on board 100%. We want our patients at ease and to know that professionals are with them every step of the way. The entire procedure is done within our facility and can be a same day procedure.


Improve Confidence

Improve Self Esteem

Improve Sexual Performance

Improve Thickness

Improve Satisfaction

Improve Rigidity

Recovery Time

Recovery usually takes about 2-3 weeks. Patients are usually able to go back to work in 2-3 days. Most patients can resume sexual activity within one month.

Risks and Side Effects

Although the procedure is very successful and safe, like any other treatment, there are potential side effects like infection, malfunction and complications.

Get Back To Enjoying Life

In a time when discussion of sexual function and satisfaction is less taboo, and options for therapy continues to grow, there is no reason for erectile or vaginal dysfunction to negatively impact a relationship. Seek help! Dr. Kaye offers the most advanced natural treatments to manage both male and female sexual dysfunction are available.