Potential Side Effects of Stem Cell Treatments

Although stem cell treatments have blown the medical world wide open with promise, they’re not without their risks. Of course, any medical treatments will have their risks, especially since everyone’s body has the potential to act differently due to random circumstances. Many of these risks seem to wane in comparison with many other medical treatments out there which is why we’re so pleased with them.

Might Not Work

As much as we root for a stem cell treatment to bring relief to every patient, there is a chance it might not make a difference. Some patients may have too severe of an injury or damage for the stem cells to make a difference. Most of the time, consultations are conducted to try and make sure that a patient doesn’t pay for a treatment that has a large chance of failing for them. There are many stipulations that a doctor can follow in order to weed out those that will most likely not benefit from the treatments in order to save them time and money.

Risk of Contaminated Cells

With most stem cell treatments, blood is removed from the body and then the stem cells are separated out in a concentrated dose. These stem cells are eventually reintroduced into the body as the main part of the treatment. Of course, there are for more specifics to each treatment however, the part that needs to be pointed out is the fact that cells are removed from the body. When this happens, there’s always the risk that these cells can be contaminated and result in disease. This is lower risk as all clinics and places who practice stem cell treatments are aware of this risk and take every precaution to ensure this doesn’t occur.

Tumor Formation

It’s been reported that some stem cell treatments have resulted in tumor formation. Of course, it’s always important to choose the right clinic and the best doctors to perform any type of medical care. If stem cells are introduced into the wrong area of the body or even handled incorrectly, they can cause issues. However, when it comes to stem cell treatments, you can run the risk of getting connected with a doctor that might be cheap but, cut corners and cause issues. This is often why tumors pop up is due to a poor job on the clinic’s part.

Overall, all medical treatments have risks. However, when it comes to stem cell treatments, more of the risks are going to lie with the doctor administering the treatments and the severity of your issues being treated more than the treatment itself. Most clinics are ready and open for any questions you might have if you would like more information.

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