Stem Cell Awareness Day

It seems like there’s a day for everything anymore. However, there are some days that are more important to others because they have meaning attached to them. One of our favorite days to recognize is Stem Cell Awareness Day. Stem cell research is one of the most promising fields of medicine and research in our world today. It deserves to be recognized in order to bring together all of those who work so hard to make it a reality for patients as well as bring together all those that could benefit from it.

When is it?

Stem Cell Awareness Day is the second Wednesday of October every year and solely exists to inform anyone who will listen about the great benefits of these treatments. Not just that but, it exists to educate those on the current status of various areas of stem cell research, the current advancements, the future of stem cell research, etc. There are so many details and areas of research that exist within stem cell research that it would be impossible to learn it all or be updated all in one day. However, even just getting an update on the basics is enough to inspire anyone to dive more into stem cell research and how it might help them and their families or how they might be able to start offering it at their clinic to help others.


Not only is it a great day to learn about all things stem cells but, it’s also a great way to celebrate what amazing work has come from stem cell research. All the lives it’s changed, all the leaps and bounds it’s made over the years, and when it all began, is something of a wonder to look back on. Can you believe it all started back in 1961 when scientists discovered blood-forming stem cells? Since then, research has come a long way and the idea of stem cells changing the face of medicine has already become a reality and continues to awe those who learn about them.

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy about stem cells along with a lot of misconceptions. This is the largest cause for Stem Cell Awareness Day. There were too many untrue rumors flying around, with very few facts being presented to clear the air. It was clear that the public simply just didn’t know enough about stem cells and the research being conducted with them. Not to mention, it seems like a fairytale or sci-fi story to a lot of people and it makes it hard to believe. Stem Cell Awareness Day sought to change this issue so that everyone who wanted to know about stem cells and what they were actually about, could do so without feeling like they were in another reality.

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