Erectile dysfunction is something that affects many men across the world. There are various options for trying to overcome it that involve medication, penile implants, etc. However, none of these pose an option as a long term fix. Stem cell therapy has shown promise in being able to treat a wide variety of medical issues. One of these issues being erectile dysfunction. With all the scams and promises floating around that claim to help or cure erectile dysfunction, studies have proven that stem cell therapy can back up this promise.

Back in 2017, a university in Denmark conducted a study that resulted in curing erectile dysfunction in patients suffering from the disorder. In the clinical trial, patients had stem cells harvested from their abdominal fat cells and ejected into the tissue of the penis. 6 months following the trial, 8 out of the 21 patients were completely cured of their medical issue. Of course, this was a trial that was very early in the process of researching the connection of erectile dysfunction and stem cell therapy. In a couple of years since this specific study was conducted, there has been a large amount of research going into this field in order to refine it and make it even more successful.

There are multiple reasons why a man may develop erectile dysfunction. 12% of those who fall under age 60 and 22% between 60-70 have erectile dysfunction. Many of these cases are caused by other conditions not often connected in large to sexual activity. Issues such as heart disease, various kidney diseases, diabetes, prostate procedures, and even psychological problems such as anxiety and depression can contribute as well. As mentioned, there are only a couple of options for treating erectile dysfunction and they all have major side effects and aren’t an optimal option. Of course, that is, until stem cell therapy research made a breakthrough in this field.

It’s important to note that all the men in the study mentioned gained erectile dysfunction from a prostate cancer treatment. It is noted in the trial details that all 21 men saw their erectile dysfunction improve with stem cell therapy. However, only 8 of these men saw the results stick after 6 months. If it wasn’t completely eradicated, they still saw a score increase from a 6 to a 12 which is a significant reduction in ED.

The biggest and most exciting factor about stem cell therapy and its ability to cure ED is that no continued treatments or medications are required. With all other options currently on the market, continued use of an implant or medication is necessary to perform. With stem cell therapy, a man can revert back to having spontaneous erections rather than forced or induced ones. This is the biggest factor that makes stem therapy stand apart from other treatments. As time goes on, research will fine-tune the stem therapy options for ED and they will become more popularly available to the public.