Stem Cell Therapy for Your Brain

Traumatic brain injuries and diseases that cause deterioration of the brain are major problems world wide. Until recently, science taught that once brain issues began to develop there was no overturning the process, just ways to slow the degeneration and help people deal with the repercussions of the injury or disease. As knowledge and experiments with stem cells increase, scientists are attempting to find the breakthrough that allows stem cells to help the brain regenerate itself. The G2 quiescent stem cells are the best hope yet for science and medicine to be able to fix something that was once thought impossible.

G2 Quiescent Stem Cell

Quiescent stem cells are dormant or sleeping and do not engage in the making of new cells. These cells, when they are awoken, have the ability to generate new cells and can help repair the brain. These newly found cells could open the door to science being able to find ways to actually help people’s brains regenerate and heal themselves. These stem cells can help the brain make new neurons and glia – major components of the brain. Scientists also think that these cells could be located in other organs of the human body and learning more about them could help with medical breakthroughs in many different areas.


Many issues with the brain, such as trauma, alzheimer’s, and aging were lifelong problems that once developed, people had to deal with. Now with more being learned and understood about stem cells, there is new hope that these issues could be healed. This could allow science to find out the underlying causes of the disease, something that has eluded them with many of the brain’s diseases. Once these cells can be utilized for repairing the brain and the underlying causes are found, prevention can happen which would help people stay away from the initial causes of the disease. This would help eliminate a major medical problem that is debilitating for many people worldwide.

Fruit Flies (Drosophila)

Fruit flies, Drosophila, are the current test model that scientists are working on because they have sixty percent of the same genes that humans have associated with disease. Once methods are in place to awaken the stem cells, they can begin to create new cells that the brain needs to repair itself. Scientists think they have found the gene that causes these stem cells to become dormant, and figuring out a way to block the gene with treatments would then allow them to test the implications.

There is still massive amounts of knowledge left to learn about the brain, from how the cells are generated to how these brain diseases begin to take hold in the first place. Science is making progress everyday and with the discovery of the G2 quiescent stem cells, it seems more progress will be made than thought possible by previous generations. While progress is being made with stem cell therapy for the brain, actual treatments are still far away on the horizon. Science and medicine are taking strides forward and while treatments might be further away than some would like, this brings hope to many people dealing with debilitating brain issues.

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