Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

Stem cell therapies have a plethora of conditions and issues they can treat. However, the most common ailments they have proven effective in treating the most, involve swelling or inflammation. Usually in joints, between bones, etc. Back pain can occur due to many various injuries and conditions however, the pain itself often occurs from swelling and inflammation. Because of this, stem cell treatments have proven effective, many times over, to treat back pain.

How Does it Work?

Research is still new in the area of back pain in relation to stem cell therapies. This means there is plenty of research that still needs to go into finding the most effective means to relieving back pain with stem cells in general. However, one of the most common approaches being used involves a bone marrow sample being taken from the patient in need of stem cell therapy. Once removed, the bone marrow is then placed in a centrifuge and separated so that there’s a higher concentration of the stem cells that can be singled out. This concentrated dose of stem cells is then injected into the affected area of the back.

Pain reduction is not seen immediately as it takes time for the stem cells to begin repairing the affected area. However, some studies showed a dramatic improvement from only one treatment over the next few months. Continued pain relief was reported for up to two years after the injection.

Is it Right for Me?

Stem cell therapies for back pain aren’t for everyone. As mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of reasons for back pain. Not all causes are currently treatable by stem cell therapies. For example, cancerous tumors can be the cause of some back pain and may not be treatable. It’s important to talk to your doctor or your local stem cell therapy clinic in order to see what will work best for you and your circumstances.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks to stem cell therapies. Although these risks are much lower than surgery, they still exist. Some of these risks include nerve damage and infection. Both have a low-risk factor, however, are still a real possibility. Thankfully, stem cell therapies for back pain do not have a risk for allergies or a reaction of any kind. This is due to the fact that stem cell therapies use a person’s own adult stem cells. They do this because there’s no chance of rejection and there’s a higher success rate.

Stem cell therapies for back pain are not currently approved by the FDA. However, even celebrities have begun using stem cell therapies for lessening their back pain because of the high success rate. Researchers are hopeful that these treatments that have proven beneficial and effective, will soon be approved.

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