Our spines can be damaged in a number of ways. However, even those of us who are at our healthiest can’t combat the inevitable effects of age that can creep up on us. Spinal stenosis is often gained from the effects of aging however, people can also be born with it, or gain it from other degenerative diseases, etc. In short, spinal stenosis can’t be cured or reversed by stem cells however, stem cell treatment offers a wonderful relief from the symptoms.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Pressure can be placed on the roots of your nerves when the space around the spinal cord narrows. This is caused by cartilage being worn away, resulting in bone rubbing on bone. This causes bone spurs which cause the space to narrow and put pressure on the roots of the nerves which results in a large amount of pain. This pain can be debilitating since the spine is such an integral part of the body.

What Can Be Done to Fix Spinal Stenosis?

Usually, spine surgery ends up being the answer to most cases involving spinal stenosis. This is the last resort though as many patients are encouraged to try physical therapy, steroids, medication in general, or decompression. All of these help to halt or slow certain symptoms, depending on the root causes of the stenosis. 

Stem cells are usually used to regenerate tissues within the body. However, spinal stenosis is caused largely by bone loss and that can’t be regenerated. Due to this, stem cells aren’t a fix-all when it comes to spinal stenosis but, they have been used as an effective treatment for the underlying causes of pain in spinal stenosis sufferers. They can be more helpful to certain sufferers more than others and it largely depends on the underlying cause of the spinal stenosis.

Swelling is usually the largest culprit when it comes to pain and the biggest issue people face when it comes to debilitating effects. It can cause people to adjust their lives entirely in order to avoid moments or instances where the pain might be induced or cause an issue. When people start to adjust their lives based on this, it can cause them to lose endurance, balance, and strength. This can cause the stenosis to get even worse and cause more pain. This ends up being a terrible circular issue. Stem cell treatments are used to reduce the pain and regenerate some of the tissues that were harmed. This, in turn, allows people better movement and a willingness to go out and do more without avoiding certain instances. This leads to building more strength, more endurance, and more balance. Stem cells basically envelop all of what the other treatments available can do separately. So, instead of doing multiple treatments, only one type of treatment is needed to hit multiple areas.