Stem cells are commonly used to help with basic tissue repair while also relieving a bit of pain for those who suffer with it chronically. However, stem cells have been undergoing trials and researchers have been discovering more and more every day about the power stem cells have. Some of the uses being discussed for stem cells may seem unusual and surprising, but they’re on the horizon. Here are a few unlikely benefits of stem cells you may be unaware of.

Treating Brain Damage

There are many diseases or accidents that can cause brain damage. Up to this point, there has been no cure for this issue since the brain doesn’t have a way of fixing itself like some of the other areas of the body. It’s still in the works, however, researchers have been studying the use of stem cells in connection with, not curing, but at least helping with the issue of brain damage. This leads the way for diseases such as parkinson’s and alzheimer’s to have hope for a way to counteract some of the effects and symptoms.

Birth Defects

Many of us are born with a birth defect. Some of us aren’t bothered by our birth defect or it’s not even noticeable. However, some people can be born with birth defects that are obvious, embarrassing, or life-threatening.  Stem cells have been shown to help with many different types of birth defects and research is still digging deep to solidify this treatment.

More Collagen Production

When thinking of stem cells, it’s not common to think of a beauty parlor. However, studies have shown that the use of stem cells on the skin increases collagen production, resulting in less lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, it reduces the signs of aging. At age 30, collagen production is often cut in half which is why aging becomes more obvious around this age.

Hair Growth

It is now possible to forget the Rogaine and get a stem cell treatment for your hair loss instead. A small skin sample is taken from the scalp and then hair follicles are harvested from this sample. These follicles are enhanced in a lap where they’re replicated and then placed onto the area of the scalp exhibiting hair loss issues. This is called a stem cell hair transplant. This can be done in women and men alike and has shown great promise since its inception.

Repairing Damaged Eyes

When someone damages a cornea, there is little to be done in the way of fixing or repairing the issue. The patient is often stuck with the damage and even vision loss will occur. However, there is a stem cell treatment that allows limbal cells to be transplanted, effectively repairing the damaged cornea, which ultimately repairs the vision issues as well