The use of stem cells, although it’s been around for decades now, is still a relatively new concept. This means that a lot many people don’t know or understand its benefits and the options out there using stem cells. Stem cell banking has been around for a few years but hasn’t been used as much as it should be. Storing stem cells has many benefits, especially because of the type of stem cells usually stored in stem cell banks.

One of the most effective stem cells used comes from the umbilical cord when a baby is born. These stem cells are specifically useful to the child they came from. The stem cells from an umbilical cord can be saved in a stem cell bank for later use. This is largely beneficial because, the stem cells found in an umbilical cord have the ability to “morph” into whatever type of cell is needed in any area of the body. Let’s slow down and start from the beginning.

Some cells can only repair the specific area of the body they came from. However, some stem cells have the ability to morph into any type of stem cell that’s needed to make repairs in any given area of the body. These cells are very special because they’re not as easy to collect or have available, especially when they’re your own personal cells which is even better and more affective. These types of cells can be used in patients they didn’t come from however, they have to be closely related to the person they were collected from.

What’s so amazing about cord cells is the fact that they can help cure diseases such as leukemia, various cancers, diseases that attack the blood and immune system, and more. They’re highly effective in treating these conditions specifically which is why it’s so beneficial to save these in a stem cell bank. Not only can they be used by a child later on in life but, they can also be used by close family members who might find themselves in dire need of them.

In other words, these stem cells (cord cells) that are stored in stem cell banks can be life-changing. Not only for those they came from but their loved ones as well. Their power is amazing and since they’re not easy to produce or harvest, you never know just when they might come in handy. The benefits they provide, all the way around, are worth it alone. Outside of diseases, these types of stem cells can even regrow full organs if the need arose. Can you imagine? It’s definitely mind-boggling how much these stem cells could provide someone at any one point in their life if they simply had these stem cells stored in a stem cell bank at birth.